10 Handmade Gifts to Make for Your Special Someone

Have some free time and don’t feel like dealing with crowded stores? I have the perfect list of handmade gifts to make for your special someone this holiday season.



Photo credit: Cary Bass

From crocheted to knitted, you can’t go wrong with a handmade blanket. Sometimes this can get pricey, but there might be a good chance a family member has a ton of yarn lying around to make one. Upon completing the blanket, wash it and lightly spray with your favorite perfume or body spray, so it smells like you.

Reasons Why I Love You Book


This is such a cheesy, but cute idea. I actually did this for Valentine’s Day circa 2015. I got the idea from here. The only thing I did differently was personalized it to my special someone and used twine instead of metal clips.

Picture Frame


A very simple but special gift for them to keep on their desk or nightstand. Print out your favorite picture of the two of you and decorate the frame.

Mason Jar Picture Holder

img_1543  img_1544

This idea came to me when I was snowed in at college. I had a mason jar sitting around, string lights, tissue paper and two pictures of my boyfriend and I.

Here’s how I made mine:

  1. Cut pictures to fit the mason jar (I used a spring photo for one side and a winter photo for the other)
  2. Put tissue paper at the bottom of the jar for the battery pack to rest on – I used white tissue paper
  3. Put string lights inside and make sure the battery pack is in the middle and cannot be seen (also make sure you can access the on/off switch at the top)
  4. Put the lid on, and you’re all set! (Make sure when it is being used that the lid stays off or is at least loose for safety reasons)



There are a few ways you can go about this. You could make a hanging frame with a picture of the two of you, or use a clear plastic ornament and fill it with sand from the beach, or simply decorate the outside of one. Get creative!

Song Lyrics Plate


Photo credit: Antonio Litterio

If you two have a song that means a lot to you, put the lyrics on a plate – I found this cute idea here.

Flannel Hand Warmers


Photo credit: Louis Beche

For the times when you aren’t there to hold their hand, check out this idea I found here.



I was lucky enough to receive this gift, which said: “You’re my cup of tea.” Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of it since it is packed away with my kitchen items from college. It is basically just like the the song lyric plate mentioned above, but smaller and less work.

Ticket Jar


Save all the ticket stubs from movies, games, and events and put each in a jar to show off all the memories you’ve made.




Photo credit: Danielle Lazore


A very detailed, time-consuming gift, but very worth it. My favorite is the idea from the movie, Up, which is exactly what one of my friends made pictured above.


What are your favorite handmade gifts to give? Comment below and let me know!




Disclaimer: The owner of the photos pictured above do not endorse me in any way, and you can find the owner below each one that required attribution. Also, none of the photos used were altered in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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