Merry Chrissymas to me: How one simple tweet got me a beautiful dress from the one and only, Chrissy Teigen

I bet you’re wondering what just happened and I am, too. So let’s start from the beginning.

The Beginning

It was just a semi-average Thursday night. I had just gotten home from work and was about to begin writing Monday’s blog post. This was a day after I had watched Spike’s Lip Sync Battle and I was still thinking about how cute Chrissy Teigen’s dress was. At the same moment, one of Chrissy’s tweets popped up on my Twitter feed. So I decided to tweet her about how much I liked the dress.


Did I think she would reply? I had hope, but I was definitely not expecting her to say “I am done. DM me your address!”, and within such a short amount of time. I mean I was basically just giving her an honest compliment even though it was in the form of a question, so this kind of response shocked me.


So I sat there in disbelief for a few minutes and then finally messaged her. I introduced myself and asked if she was serious. She was.


Credit: Giphy

So What Happened Next?

Let’s just say my blog post did not get written that night. My phone blew up from all of the favorites, mentions, and retweets on Twitter. As someone in the communication field, I am surprised at how much I underestimated the amount of engagement my one tweet could potentially cause. I actually had to mute the conversation so I could sleep since I had to work the next day.

I did take some time to look through the mentions before bed, and there was a lot of positive feedback for Chrissy being so generous. Some got weird, but I won’t drop any names. And for the record, I’m not, “just another white girl asking for handouts,” as someone, mentioned, but thanks for the ill-mannered remark.

Anyway, see a few of my favorite comments below.

be like her

person being nice


I love this GIF

casey hometown

I would say both

I also I didn’t think it would make people ask her for things. People were asking for her baby, hubby, money, and popcorn maker. Like, what the heck?




popcorn maker


The Next Day

The following day, I was curious if any media outlet picked it up as a story (again, I underestimated this, which was so silly of me). From Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan to People, Who What Wear, Yahoo, and more, it was definitely picked up. Of course, I read every single article written. I was also fangirling over the journalists that now know my name since I am in the communication field (Side note to the reporters: feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!).

What’s even more flabbergasting is the fact that I did not even research the dress before tweeting Chrissy (can you tell I was definitely off my A game this whole time?!). Usually, I am able to spot a designer dress and know who made it (Hey, Elie Saab). I found out how much it was and who the designer was through the articles I was reading the next day. This is no joke – I literally just really liked the dress. It’s in my color and I love dresses that show off my collarbone and shoulders.

How Did I Handle It?

At first, I did not tell anyone besides my close friends, parents, and boyfriend. But once I realized the media outlets picked it up, my coworkers found out while I was working. I wasn’t bragging, though, I was still in shock that it even happened. I was trying to keep it to myself because I didn’t really want to say anything until I had the dress. But I figured since more than three outlets picked up the story, I could at least share. My boss even sent out an email, which you will see below. I also shared the articles via Facebook. Again, I wasn’t boasting; I was merely making others aware of what happened. Also, I emailed one of the articles to a professor I had in college because one of our assignments was to make a meme go viral and whoever got the most shares/likes/retweets received extra credit. Apparently, I am 7 months too late even though I got an A in the class, so I never really needed the extra credit, BUT STILL.


My Blog Got Some Attention

I also want to add how quickly my blog received so many hits. I just started it in November 2016, so I wasn’t expecting this many hits until at least a year after it was created. And hits from other countries I must add. I haven’t even made February’s content calendar yet, and these many people know about me and my blog now. SWEET.

So Where’s The Dress?

So I know you’re asking yourself if the beautiful Nicholas dress arrived and have I worn it yet? The answer is yes, it came Saturday, December 24, right before I was about to start my workout in the morning. I tried it on quick, and it just so happened to nearly fit. If this happened 7 months ago (right after college ended) I probably would not have even gotten it over my booty. Currently, it is one size smaller than what I would typically buy, but it is my goal size, so I don’t have that much further to go. I have Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up to thank for their workouts and nutrition plan, which allowed me to actually get the dress on. I now have an even greater incentive to wake up early every morning and get my workout in before work.

the dress.jpg

 Would I Change Anything?

I think the only thing I wish went differently is I wish I said “may I” instead of “can I,” but it was an impulsive tweet, so grammar wasn’t on my mind the moment. I also find it funny that I work in PR and my name was put in the spotlight alongside a celebrity. Usually, it is the PR/publicist’s job to put them in the spotlight and stay behind the scenes. It’s not exactly how I thought I would get my name out there (this girl has major career goals and a dream handbag line), but hey, I’ll take it.

A Big Thank You is in Order

I just want to thank you, Chrissy, for the beautiful dress. You rocked it on Lip Sync Battle, and now I promise to rock it, too. You are so generous and down-to-earth. Don’t ever stop being yourself, please. I will be sending you a thank you package, and I am so excited to put it together (anyone who knows me, knows I love sending thank you cards, so a thank you package is going to be like ten times better). I am a lucky girl to be given this opportunity.

So What’s Next?

Pictures of me wearing the dress will be posted on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, so stayed tuned. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter to see! I’m excited to wear it because it beats any dress I planned on ordering to ring in 2017 with.

Merry Christmas or should I say, Chrissymas! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Note from the author:

Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. Looks like you stumbled across my old website. Hope you enjoyed learning how I went viral. If you want to read more awesome Twenty-Something PR Girl content, you can find it on my revamped website here. Can’t to see you over there and on social!

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