My blog hasn’t failed, it’s simply been asleep…

When I started Your Twenty-Something PR Girl in November 2016, I dove right in and gave myself three days to launch the site. I know that sounds crazy and impulsive, but hey, it wouldn’t be me without a little touch of crazy and impulsiveness. And as much as I love to have a plan, I did that to myself to fully commit to it; I pressured myself into a quick deadline so it would get done because my passion for this blog was burning so bright and I was tired of putting it off.

Before starting my blog, I did a lot of research and thought, “Yeah, I got this,” but I didn’t for very long. I kept up with it fairly well, but a new blog every Monday, eventually turned into every other week, and then transformed into, “When was the last time I blogged?” This time last year, I was researching how to start a blog and looking into content calendars, but I’m now studying how to come back from a “failed” blog and how to manage a more successful blog these days.

Though, I don’t think my blog has failed. I like to think my blog has been in a long deep sleep and occasionally wakes up to drink some water, but doesn’t fully know what’s happening in the world because it just wants to sleep… Must be nice.

Because meanwhile, while my blog has been asleep, I’ve been trying to find a balance between work, maintaining my fitness goals, personal goals, and other aspects of my life. However, my health and fitness are playing a great role in my life, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Finding out how to work eight hours a day, make time for loved ones with only four hours until I have to go to sleep, get enough sleep in order to get my workout in the morning, and stay a functional human being at work and then repeat it for five days a week seems a lot easier to do on paper. I found that I’ve managed to be able to workout every morning before work, be a functional human being during the day (mostly thanks to my morning workouts), and make time for loved ones, but sometimes sleep and my personal goals, like my blog, or other hobbies I enjoy doing, get put on the backburner.

I like to think of myself as someone who can balance her responsibilities well, like work and finances, but I find myself making excuses for not making time for alone time to catch up on my thoughts, errands, activities I like doing (like finishing a book within the same year), and simply cleaning my room. Ask me when my next deadline is at work, or when my next appointment is, or when a bill is due, I can tell you without hesitation. But ask me the last time I finished a book, I’ll probably have to think about it, even though I love to read.

I’m the kind of person who needs to do something with her whole heart, or I just don’t have much of a desire to do it at all. I believe this may be another factor into why my blogging slowed down; I got writer’s block during a piece and was exhausted with having so much going on by not managing my time wisely. But even though, I haven’t been blogging, my heart is still in it, my mind is still thinking about it, and I’m still here wishing the pieces I wrote in my head at night could be transferred directly from my head to my laptop while I sleep.

One thing that keeps me from giving up entirely is the feeling I get when my writing is published for the whole world to see (okay, just my subscribers and whoever is still catching up on how Chrissy Teigen sent me her dress, but still…). When I put a post out into the world, I’ve noticed there’s more of a pep in my step, I smile a little bigger, and I’m excited to get out of bed, and take on the day. And I’m not even getting paid for it; it’s amazing how doing what you love doesn’t feel like work at all.

But like I said, I haven’t given up completely. I’m making plans for Your Twenty-Something PR Girl, and I’m actually going to tease some of these plans right here, right now, to hold myself accountable.

So, what’s coming? Well, as I look into investing in my website, I’m researching graphic designers and logo packages, and a new theme. I’m planning a brand ambassador program where I can work with other brands and promote their name and products, which something I really enjoy (side note: I won’t promote a product or brand name that I don’t believe in or doesn’t do good for this world, so no worries). I still plan on putting out consistent content that also includes working with other guest bloggers for my guest blogger opportunity. Lastly, I’m planning on bringing it in full circle with the Your Twenty-Something PR Girl social media presence, which means, a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram page, and possibly a Pinterest page.

I understand that this is basically a second full-time job, but I feel as if I have the tools, knowledge, and passion for making it happen. I’m simply being kinder to myself and more practical with how much of an investment of time and money Your Twenty-Something PR Girl actually is this time around. I can’t give an exact deadline, but I hope by or near my blog’s first birthday, my plans will fall into place and it will be a present blog instead of sleeping for all hours of the day (no, I’m not jealous of the amount of sleep it gets or anything… not at all… nope… okay… maybe a little…😉). But Your Twenty-Something PR Girl isn’t going anywhere, and it can only get better from here.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say as I ramble on and on is that yes, maybe this whole blog thing didn’t go as planned, but there’s no reason to give up. And you know what, you shouldn’t either. Maybe, your dreams and passion have been put on hold for a certain amount of time, but it’s okay. It’s okay because you have control to wake up that blog or continue your hobby and work on what you started. It’s not over until you say it is. And why would you ever give up on something you’re passionate about? I sure won’t.


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