My Fitness Account Does Not Make Me Unprofessional

Some claim having multiple social media accounts, such as ones that separate personal and professional posts, may make it seem like a person is hiding something or has multiple personalities. That was one of the last things I wanted people to think after learning this from other communication professionals, so at the time, I decided to keep everything in one account to stay authentic and transparent.

However, as the days go by and I evolve into the PR professional and woman I want to be, so do my views on the content I post. My opinions on staying authentic and transparent will always remain the same, but before now, I would shy away from posting anything that showed off my body, simply because of insecurities and I found it unprofessional, so I never thought I would evolve into the person with a fitness account. But I did.

Ahh, yes, that’s right, I said I evolved into the person with a fitness account. And not just any fitness account – a Tone It Up (TIU) fitness account. An account where I check-in (almost) daily with a picture of myself after a workout or eating a clean meal to hold myself accountable with other TIU girls in the community to consistently live a healthy, fit, and happy life.

When I say community, I mean an actual online fitness community created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (who I had the chance of meeting on their 2017 tour in Boston). It’s full of women (and some men) who follow Tone It Up’s workouts that can be done from the comfort of their home or just about anywhere thanks to their Studio Tone It Up app. I didn’t understand the magnitude of the TIU community until I made my TIU account. It really is a group of women all over the world living the TIU lifestyle and checking in with each other to hold themselves accountable. It’s the most positive, infectious, and inspiring thing I have ever witnessed. The best part is we all are so different, but the things we have in common are our love for fitness, clean eating, and loving life. Honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I ever made, because I find it necessary to surround myself with positive and uplifting people with similar goals as me.


Katrina Scott, Becca Howe, and Karena Dawn at the TIU Tour in Boston, MA, September 2017.

The creators of TIU actually encourage their followers to make a fitness account to keep everything in one place and stay accountable. When I first found Tone It Up, I didn’t think I would make one, but after a couple years, I had this, “Why not?” moment because all I wanted was to find a way to stick to my fitness goals. I also made the decision to make a TIU fitness account because after awhile, I felt that my personal account seemed to be all over the place consisting of blog content, fitness, my friends, family, pets, etc., and it was just not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

So, I decided to create a fitness account where all fitness related posts would be in one place, and I could connect with other TIU girls. This made it so much easier because it’s essentially a fitness and food diary where other TIU girls are there to inspire, encourage, and motivate you to keep going with your fitness and health goals. I’m even able to connect and network with other ladies in my career field, and I know that no matter where life takes me, there is probably going to go be TIU girl just around the corner and I am not alone, which is a beautiful thing.

This fitness account practically guarantees zero negativity or something you wouldn’t want to see from someone you follow on a personal account because you are surrounded by the positivity in the TIU community. After a while, many girls tend to ditch their personal account (I don’t see that happening to me, though) and only using their fitness account because they love the positivity the health community radiates.

Tone It Up’s philosophy is to share, love sweat, and inspire, which is what all of us are doing each day, and I’m making amazing friendships because of this fitness account. When I say friendships, I mean it. I’ve met so many amazing women at TIU meetups (a gathering of TIU girls who workout together then typically eat a TIU approved meal after), and always leave a meetup with my heart feeling so full.


Upstate NY TIU Girls Doing a TIU Live Workout

Speaking of TIU meetups, I used some of my PR skills to plan and organize the first local TIU meetup in our area to connect with other TIU girls. This group now has it’s own hashtag (#TIUUpstateBabes), group chats, and a Facebook and Instagram page, which I manage in my free time. It’s because of one meetup, new friendships were formed, and more will continue to form. Since June 2017, we’ve gone from about less than 10 TIU girls in the group to more than 50+ and growing. We’re even anticipating a state-wide meetup in 2018, which is SO exciting!

Anyway, yes, I am showing progress on my abdominals and flexing in pictures, showing off the amazing food I meal prep, but it doesn’t make me unprofessional. It actually makes me a better professional because I’ve gained confidence, happiness, a sense pride, a set routine, and I’ve actually learned even more about social media and blogging than I ever thought I would due to having this fitness account, which definitely benefits me and my career. This account makes me want to continue to better myself in all aspects of my life, and because of this fitness account, I have the opportunity to look back and see how far I’ve come physically and mentally. I believe any professional that believes in bettering themselves in any area of their life is admirable because it means they truly care about themselves and how they perform in life.


Post 5K TIU Checkin Photo

By taking care of my body and mind, I can take on the day with confidence, alertness, perseverance, and be the most productive professional I can be. Instead of relying on a caffeinated drink, like coffee, which would make me crash and reduce productiveness in the middle of the day, I rely on endorphins and my consistent self-care routine.

My self-care routine to be the best professional I can be starts with waking up about forty minutes to an hour earlier to break a sweat with Tone It Up’s Daily Workout or go through a yoga flow every morning. I also have my designated rest days, and run or walk a 5k just about every Sunday. My self-care routine also involves taking time to do a half hour to an hour of my free time to do something my soul really enjoys, such as painting, crafting, reading, or blogging. This routine allows me to care for my mind and body and steer clear of burnout because I’ve learned to love myself, which allows me to give love and desired attention to others.

So, no, my fitness account does not make me unprofessional. It actually makes me a better professional, in every way possible, and I highly encourage others who want to better themselves mentally and physically to take this kind of initiative to reach their goals.

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TIU Checkin Photo


If you’re into health, fitness, wellness, or are a TIU girl, feel free to follow me here, but if you’re not, then I suggest following my personal account here. Also, if you are a TIU girl in Upstate NY, be sure to follow the TIU Upstate Babes on Instagram here and join our private group here

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands mentioned. 

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