My Fitness Account Does Not Make Me Unprofessional

Some claim having multiple social media accounts, such as ones that separate personal and professional posts, may make it seem like a person is hiding something or has multiple personalities. That was one of the last things I wanted people to think after learning this from other communication professionals, so at the time, I decided to keep everything in one account to stay authentic and transparent.

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My blog hasn’t failed, it’s simply been asleep…

When I started Your Twenty-Something PR Girl in November 2016, I dove right in and gave myself three days to launch the site. I know that sounds crazy and impulsive, but hey, it wouldn’t be me without a little touch of crazy and impulsiveness. And as much as I love to have a plan, I did that to myself to fully commit to it; I pressured myself into a quick deadline so it would get done because my passion for this blog was burning so bright and I was tired of putting it off.

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