Guest Blogger Information

Your Twenty-Something PR Girl Blog

Rebecca L. Howe created her website to maintain her own personal brand in November 2016. As an edition to her website, the Your Twenty-Something PR Girl blog was born with the goal to literally be your twenty-something PR girl who you can turn to, which includes producing organic, honest, useful, and quality content to those in the communication field. Since the creation of the blog, it is evolving at an exceptional rate and is ready for other writers.

What can a guest blogger write about? 

A guest blogger who produces content on the Your Twenty-Something PR Girl blog is expected to live up to and beyond these high standards. The guest blogger may create content in the following areas: public relations, marketing, B2B communication, communications, publicity, internships, entry-level jobs, and communication field tips and experiences. Other topics that are not listed in which you feel would be beneficial to the blog (work fashion, lifestyle, exercise, relationships) are welcome.

Benefits of being a guest blogger 

There are so many benefits of being a guest blogger on the Your Twenty-Something PR Girl blog, but a few of the following include:

  • A chance to grow as a writer
  • Your voice heard from a larger audience
  • Incorporate your writing pieces in your portfolio
  • A personalized bio in the Meet the Writers section of the blog

How often do I need to write? 

This opportunity is flexible and allows all kinds of writers get involved. You are able to write as much or as little as you want… Every little bit counts and every piece is your masterpiece to share with the world! 🙂

How to reach out

To become involved with the opportunity, simply send me a quick message here or email me at with the following information:

  • A small intro to who you are
  • Why you want to be a guest blogger
  • One to two writing samples
  • One to three pitches for pieces you want to be featured on the blog