The Ultimate Gift Guide for The Working Gal in Your Life

While the working gal in your life probably already bought your gift by now (you know, because she loves to be ahead and organized), you may be still looking to find her the perfect and practical gift(s) this holiday season. Well, look no further – Your Twenty-Something PR Girl created the ultimate gift guide for the working gal in your life to ensure you find the right gift.

The Tote That Holds Everything

There is nothing better than a good quality work tote that can hold everything – laptop, file folders, agenda, you name it, it better fit in there. Why not add a little extra style to it? Try a tote like this Cobble Hill Adrien by Kate Spade. She will not only feel ready to conquer the work day, but she will look really good while doing it. Oh, and did I mention it’s on sale?

The Agenda That Keeps Her Head on Straight

If she hasn’t already beat you to it, an agenda would be a wonderful and practical gift to get her. Take a look at her previous agenda and make a note of her favorite and least favorite features. You could try this agenda by Lilly Pulitzer to ensure she has enough room and still has something pretty to look at every day. Also, the cool feature with this agenda is it comes with stickers to spice up her important days.

Cards That Let Her Say Her Thoughts With Flare

Not that she probably does not have enough already, but you know she cannot resist a good thank you or a blank card. Take it a step further and get her monogrammed thank you notes/blank cards like this monogrammed set from Vista Print. That way when she goes to write a thank you note to a boss or client, she will look even more put together because of you.

Portfolio and Page Protectors to Make Her Shine

She worked so hard all year, so why not give her something that will showcase her work? A nice portfolio like this one from Amazon is a great gift to give. It is spacious and can hold important documents and business cards. That way if she ever has to take it to an interview she will be prepared. Also, an added bonus would be to include page protectors.

Personalized Padfolio to Keep All Her Meeting Notes in One Place

It is always nice to have all notes in one place, especially at work. Get her a nice personalized padfolio like this one from Things Remembered.

Desk Plaque to Make Her Feel Special

Give her something she can put on her desk to keep her motivated throughout the workday like this desk plaque from He Said, She Said  – she’ll start slaying just like the queen.

Photo/Note Display To Keep Her Focused

Small notes are scattered around her desk all day from taking phone calls, and she always needs something to write with. Try this display from Modcloth that could also double as a note display to make it a little easier for her. Bonus points: print out a picture of you and her for her to look at while she works.

Battery Pack To Ensure She Does Not Miss a Beat

The last thing she needs is to have her phone die before an important call, so why not help her out with a backup battery pack like this Belkin 6000mAh Power Pack from Target. All she has to do is keep it charged, and in that new stylish tote you also bought her *cough cough*.

Desktop Calendar To Keep All Her Important Dates Right in Front of Her

Yes, she may have an agenda, but being able to glance at a calendar quick while on the phone at her desk will make all the difference. There are so many out there, but try this neat 2017 Blueline® 22″ x 17″ Monthly Doodle Plan Coloring Desk Pad Calendar from Staples where she also has the option of coloring it in during her free time.

Tablet Stand To Help Her Quickly Browse Content

She may need to reference something quick or does not feel like carrying around her laptop on certain days, so a tablet stand will help her browse content faster on her tablet if it is propped up. Try something like this tablet stand from Modcloth .

A Journal To Write Down All Her Goals

They say keeping a journal will help you achieve your goals. You know she has a lot of career goals in life, so why not get her a stylish one with a built-in pen like this one from Anthropologie . This will allow her to remain focused on what she really wants if she is able to write it down in a particular place.

File Folders To Keep Her Motivated and Organized

Enough with boring file folders, get her something with some color to make organizing her files fun and easy to spot like these folders from TJ Maxx .

Travel Mug to Sip Her Favorite Hot Drink On-the-Go

A travel mug is a perfect way for her to take her favorite hot drink to go. There are many out there with cute sayings on them like this one from Francesca’s.

Word-of-the-Day Pad to Encourage Her to Expand Her Mind

Try this book from Amazon. It’s a small gift with the power to enhance her vocabulary and expand her mind. She’ll be able to learn something new every day.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser To Diffuse Her Favorite Essential Oil

If she is into essential oils, then this little USB diffuser from Young Living will allow her to diffuse her favorite oils at work. You could even include oils like Stress Away and Peppermint for her to diffuse to keep her going throughout the work day.

Lipstick to Give Her Confidence during Important Meetings

There’s just something about the right lipstick to give a girl confidence. There are so many out there, but you don’t want to break the bank on it. Try an affordable brand like the NYX matte lipstick.

Business card holder to allow her to look ready for anything

All her business cards will be neatly enclosed in a business card holder like this one from Vista Print so she can pull one out quickly to hand to potential clients. You can even monogram it to make it even more unique and official.

The working gal in your life will thank you for making her life more organized and stylish with these great holiday gifts. Happy last-minute shopping!

Disclaimer: I do not receive any kind of revenue for using the links affiliated with the brands mentioned in this post. Also, all products mentioned were selected through my own research. There are no intentions to harm the brands or products mentioned. Lastly, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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